One of the most important components of the Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy’s success is the opportunity for members of the community to share their expertise by volunteering at our Clearwater campus. Currently, over 70 working volunteers serve the program needs by donating over 12,000 hours annually. In addition, volunteers at special events  have put in many thousands of hours not figured in the annual count. Over the history of the Foundation, volunteers have contributed over a million hours.

According to the Independent Sector in 2015, the latest estimated value of a volunteer is $23.07 per hour. By this estimates, our volunteers’ time over the history of the Foundation would be worth over $20 million. 

Volunteer stories

Sean Tobe Academy Executive Committee Member and Chi Chi Charity Classic Co-Chair
“I volunteer my time with the Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation because I believe in the goals of the Foundation and I enjoy being a part of the family.  I played the golf course growing up and didn’t know a whole lot about what the Foundation was about until I moved back to the area after college.  I wanted to get involved in the local community and my father Scott Tobe was already a part of the Executive Committee so it was a natural fit for me to see what it was all about.  I knew a little bit about The First Tee and the School that was on site but not enough.  As I became a working member of the Executive Committee I’ve come to understand how great the kids are and how great this organization is.  I’m proud to be a part of what is going on at this Foundation and I look forward to being a part of the growth into the future.”

Mike KesselThe First Tee of Clearwater Volunteer Assistant Coach
“The reason I volunteer is simple. I believe education is the most important opportunity most of us have. I wasn’t the most gifted student but I learned many values and lessons through sports. I want kids to know that they have the chance to be as successful as they want to be. In the classroom or on the golf course hard work, determination and applying the core values can take you wherever you want to go.” 

Get started

If you're interested in volunteering at our Clearwater campus and making a difference in the lives of our students, please call (727) 726-8829 x 207 or e-mail laura@chichi.org

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